The Price is Right, Right?


Your house is your baby. Your safe place. The background of your favorite photos. Who could ever put a price on your priceless memorizes?

Roger is a profesional Real Estate Agent, and has been for 17 years. He has the resources and years of knowledge and experience to determine the best possible selling price for your house.

What goes into pricing a home? How could he possibly know all the hard work you have put into every square foot of your house?

Well, while working with you, he will take into account the condition of your home and any and all renovations you have done. Roger also knows what comparable homes are selling for in your neighborhood and the average time those homes are sitting on the market. The state of the overall market in your area will also effect the list price of your home.

It’s often difficult to remain unbiased when putting a price on your home, so Roger’s expertise is invaluable at this step.

Setting the right price from the beginning is important! Not too high, never too low.. will:

  • Generate the most activity from other real estate agents and buyers.
  • Studies show that homes priced higher than 3 percent of their market value take longer to sell.
  • If your home sits on the market for too long, potential buyers may think there is something wrong with the property.
  • Often, when this happens, the seller has to drop the price below market value to compete with newer, reasonably priced listings.
  • Remember: You’re always better off setting a fair market value price than setting your price too high.